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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of some of the common questions we receive from our customers. 

If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us and we'll respond within 24 hours on your inquiry.  Our email address is:
inquire @

Q. Why a DVD / video and not a book?
A.  There are some good books out there on subjects like 'interviewing' or 'resume writing', but most of this information is already available for free on many job-related websites.  In the seven years that we spent researching and developing our programs, we couldn't find a single book that covered all the material that mattered to us (getting raises, promotions, bonuses, advancement, recognition, challenging work assignments, working less, etc.).  Also, we concluded that writing a book wouldn't be effective for our customers if it took them two weeks (or two months) to read and consume all the material.  Our goal was to create a video that condensed all of the various techniques into a short period of time and in a DVD format so that our customers could learn the "secret wisdom" in one sitting and put the techniques into practice the next morning.

Q. Do I have to watch & utilize all the material before the techniques will work for me?
A.  No.  The beauty of our program is that it allows you to pick the topics you choose and skip over those that you're not ready to utilize.  Each topic is brief, allowing you to quickly watch and absorb the techniques that are most appropriate for you at any given time.

Q. Are the techniques 'culturally biased'?  Are they only applicable in the USA?
A.  No.  Our programs are designed to be 'international' in their approach and appeal.  Our programs are currently only available in English, though we have customers in many non-English speaking countries who rave about their effectiveness.  The authors have many years of International career experience having worked around the world for companies in the United States, Canada, Japan, Israel, France and Latin America.

Q. Will the techniques work for my non-office job?
A.  Yes.  The information and techniques in our programs have been specifically designed to address all manner of professions including; construction, retail, restaurant and even representative jobs such Union workers.

Q. Will the Career Wisdom System DVD play in both my PC and my home DVD player?

A.  Yes.  Our DVDs are designed to work in all of the newer DVD players including those on your PC and your home entertainment / television system.

Q. Will the Career Wisdom System DVD play in both an iMac and Windows PC?
A.  Yes.  Our DVDs are designed to work in all newer DVD players including those on your PC and Macintosh computer.  The DVDs are compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME and XP.  Mac OS versions 8.x and higher are compatible. 

Q. Do the techniques really work?  Can they be implemented right away?
A.  Yes. Our programs are designed to benefit everyone - whether you're fresh out of school and entering the workforce or if you've been working for 25+ years, you will find the techniques can be implemented immediately.  We've had students and customers implement the techniques the very next day after attending one of our workshops or viewing our DVD programs and get immediate results.  It really works!

Q. Will my employer reimburse me for the purchase of your products?
A.  Yes.  Many of our customers and students have indicated to us that their companies reimburse for job-related training.  Our programs are career and salary development systems that meet the criteria that many organizations set for such reimbursements.

Q. Are your programs available on VHS?
A.  Yes.  When ordering, please specify that you'd prefer a copy on VHS and we'll happily substitute the DVD for a VHS tape.

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