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Customer Comments


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Customer Testimonials & Comments

Below is a collection of some of our customer comments and feedback. 
If you'd like to share your comments, please email us.  Our email address is:
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"Your resume worked wonders. I was offered a senior accountant position with a new company. I interviewed with the CFO, and he commented that the resume you prepared was the best among the candidates for the position. I canít thank you enough!"
     - - Greg R. Lakewood, Calif.

"I bought your dual wisdom system referenced above. I thought it was very well done and informative. It would be great if we could get this career resource in all public libraries across America. I will be checking back on your website to view any future dvd extras you may add to the site."
     - - Kelly K. Raleigh, NC

"I was so skeptical until I watched your program and began to try out the various techniques.  Once I saw how simple and effective they were to put into practice, a light bulb went off in my mind.  You've changed my life and my career!"
     - - Renea H. Hollywood, Calif.

"A friend of mine told me about your program.  My approach to getting a pay raise has always been to quit and go to another company every couple of years.  Now that I've learned your simple and easy techniques to guaranteeing my raise, I plan to stay at my current company where I'm very happy."
      - - Gary B. Manhattan Beach, Calif.

"After years of being 'underappreciated' and 'underpaid', I purchased the Career & Salary Wisdom series.  After following their expert advice in the first month, I got promoted with a big bonus even though the company was in the process of downsizing."
      - - Robert C. Laguna Niguel, Calif.

"Wow!  I'm blown away!  I just learned so much.  Information that I never learned in school or on the job.  The information you share is so powerful - everyone should know this information so they can take control of their careers and stop leaving it in the hands of their managers who are only concerned with their own careers."

      - - Colleen C. Bakersfield, Calif.

"Thanks...[your program] taught me to be the best that you can be in your career.  You taught me [career & salary ] lessons that are incredibly valuable."
      - - Noel H. Phoenix, AZ.

"It works...I'm making more money today because of the lessons you taught me last year."

      - - Andrew B. Torrance, Calif.

"Your program is simply ingenious. So easy to follow and implement, I can't believe that this information isn't taught in business school.  Owning the Career Wisdom System DVD is like having an MBA in office politics."
      - - Tom B. New York, NY.

"I'm kicking myself for not buying your program when I first heard about it.  I could have been earning more money and working few hours months ago.  Your DVDs will be Christmas gifts to my siblings this year.
      - - Kevin Y. St. Louis, MO.

"Congratulations.  We used to work together at [international entertainment company] and I always wondered how you were able to accomplish so much work in so little time.  The 'system' that you developed is fantastic.  I'll now be paying more attention to my co-workers working habits and the HR department.  I'll never look at work the same way again.
      - - Karen S. San Francisco, Calif.

"Hey!  I just tried out your advice on 'better meetings' and 'avoiding time traps' on my boss and co-workers.  It totally worked - so I'm finally going home on time tonight."
      - - Dean S. Charleston, S.C.

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